08:30-18:30, Friday 4 August 2023 (8.75 CPD points)

Day 1Breakout Room 1Breakout Room 2
Session A
Danforn Lim (Chinese Medicine Board of Australia)
Topic: to be confirmed
John McDonald (AUS)
Fifty years of Australian acupuncture: An eyewitness account
Stephen Janz (AUS)
The importance of AACMA and professional representation to the survival and advancement of the profession
1000-1015Morning Tea
Session C1 & C2
Adam Cook (Therapeutic Goods Administration)
Scheduling of medicines and chemicals in the Poisons Standard
Greg Bantick (AUS)
Treating complex multi system cases
Rebecca Tolhurst (AUS)
Community Acupuncture for Business Sustainability
Raf Nathan (AUS)
Prostate Problems
Millicent Matthew (AUS)
Inclusive language for health professionals
Session D1 & D2
Johan Hausen (Germany)
Chinese Medicine in the Making: Gao Plasters
Xiang Zhu (AUS)
Close Correlations between Carotid Arterial Mean Blood Flow Velocity, Body Mass Index and Temperature in Normal Individuals
Session E
Janice Walton-Hadlock (USA)
Fibromyalgia: the case of missing fight or flight

(Hands-on Workshop, practice session provided in room)
1430-1445Afternoon Tea
Session F1 & F2
Vicki Wooller (AUS)
The Heart of the Matter
Felip Caudet (Spain)
Fascia & Moxibustion: Going deep and far with fire
Session G1 & G2
Kevin Ryan (AUS)
Topic: to be confirmed
Sandro Graca (Ireland)
Help Writing Tomorrow’s Classics – Building Your Strong Evidence-Informed And Integrative Practice Of Acupuncture For Menstrual And Reproductive Health
Session H1 & H2
Jean-Paul Staats (AUS)
Can the Classics be used in Modern Practice – Bai He Bing
Aram Akopyan (UK)
Giving back. The role and benefits of Charity work in Acupuncture and TCM

8:30-18:30, Saturday 5 August 2023 (7.75 CPD points)

Day 2Breakout Room 1Breakout Room 2
Session I1 & I2
Jeff Shearer (AUS)
Understanding palpation and distal approaches in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions
Fernanda Mara Santos (Brazil)
Diet therapy for weight loss difficulties according to TCM
Guojian Huang (Canada)
Mini ren acupuncture therapy for migraines
1000-1015Morning Tea
Session J
Janice Walton-Hadlock (USA)
Detecting the Qi

(Hands-on Workshop, practice session in room)
Session K1 & K2
Felip Caudet (Spain)
Moxibustion based on palpation: Moxa treatment in real time with rapid results
Tiago Manuel Horta Reis da Silva (UK)
TCM for Headaches
Session L1 & L2
Terry Hitzke (AUS)
Innovative cupping techniques utilising the modern silicone cups
Mary Garvey (NZ)
Chinese Medicine Psychology in Practice
1445-1500Afternoon Tea
Session M1&M2
Damian Carey (AUS)
Extraordinary Medicine – Protocols for Extraordinary Channel Treatment
Jianqiao Fang (China)
Study on Dose -effect relationship of Electro analgesia
Karen Charlesworth (UK)
Patients undergoing acupuncture for atrial fibrillation – experience, outcomes and treatment strategies
Session N1 & N2
David Hartmann (AUS)
Accessing the Pericardium (Xīn Bāo/心包) to balance self-esteem
Peter Deadman (UK)
Chinese medicine, nature and health
Gala Dinner
AACMA 50th Year Celebration & Inaugural Hall of Fame

3-Course Plated Dinner
4-Hour Beverage

Dress code: After five

8:30-15:30, Sunday 6 August 2023 (5.75 CPD points)

Day 3Breakout Room 1Breakout Room 2
Session O
Breakfast Forum
Topic: to be confirmed

*Plated breakfast served in room
Session P
N/AMel Hopper Koppelman (USA)
Quantifying the Ruler: How Heart Rate Variability Connects Our Cell to Universe
1030-1045Morning Tea
Session Q1 & Q2
Janice Walton-Hadlock (USA)
Parkinson’s disease: an example of being stuck on pause mode
David Brown (AUS)
Reinvigorating our Roots: Contemporary Applications of Heaven, Earth, Man Theory
Session R1 & R2
Michael Brown (AUS)
Who, What, Why, Where, Wen – The Recognising Importance of Pulse, Herbal and Citation Based Literature
Yair Maimon (Israel)
Topic: to be confirmed
Session S1 & S2
Tyler Rowe (AUS)
Deficiency Taxation – the illness of the modern world
Topic: to be confirmed
1530-1545Closing ceremony

*The conference program is subject to change.
*Catering included for in-person tickets: Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea on Friday 4 August 2023; Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner on Saturday 5 August 2023; Breakfast, morning tea, lunch on Sunday 6 August 2023.



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