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Securing the embryo: crucial considerations for providing acupuncture treatments in early pregnancy and threatened miscarriage Dr Debra Betts Workshop
The importance of nurturing the foetus through the pregnancy Dr Debra Betts Oral
Sancai needling techniques and layer dissection Dr Kai Cheng Workshop
An exploration of abdominal diagnosis and its connection to Qigong Mr Walter Simpson Workshop
Classical formulas for contemporary hot flushes Ms Brigitte Linder Oral
Triple heater system – Qigong & acupuncture Mr Greg Williams Workshop
Treatment of drug and alcohol users in a Brisbane clinic Mr Raf Nathan Oral
Spirit as a TCM concept. What is it? Its use in clinical practice Mr Clive Powell  Oral
Patterns in women’s health: gastrointestinal and gynaecological comorbidity Mr Teja Jaensch Oral
Medical focus switched to TCM Dr Yifan Yang – Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Oral
Sanjiao’s mystique demystified Mr Louis Gordon Oral
Acupuncture’s effect in lowering HbA1c levels in Type 2 diabetes mellitus: (Pilot Study) Mr Eddie Teijeiro Oral
Chronic diseases – a case study’ Ms Christiana Chau-yang Oral
TCM practitioner in a western setting – How can we keep our patients Ms Cheran Lennon Oral
Sciatica-clinically effective strategies Mr Stephen Janz Workshop
Marketing with evidence: Sciatica-a case study Mr Stephen Janz Oral
Preventing and managing pneumothorax in acupuncture practice: the vulnerable patient Mr Stephen Janz Oral
The nature of muscles and joints Mr Terry Hitzke Workshop
Why using Chinese medicine to treat musculoskeletal disorders is not only good for your patients but good for your practice Mr Terry Hitzke Oral
Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong Workshop Mr Davey Pinder Workshop
Acupuncture controversy: false or true? Observation on studying of the applications in muscular-skeleton disorders Dr Serg Mezhov Oral
I put more Gui Zhi and Sheng Jiang in my porridge than you do in your Gui Zhi Tang; Quality discernment, dosage and administration strategies of the Shang Hun Za Bing Lun Dr Simon Feeney Oral
Workforce planning for Chinese medicine in New Zealand Dr Joan Campbell – New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority Inc Oral
Japanese cosmetic acupuncture/BiYo Shin Kyu: The Kitagawa Method- An introductory workshop Mr Takeshi Kitagawa – Japan Health Beauty Acupuncture Association Workshop
Acupuncture point combinations – the master-key to great clinical results Mr David Hartmann – Endeavour College of Natural Health Workshop
Depression – the silent killer Mr David Hartmann – Endeavour College of Natural Health Workshop
Facial paralysis and nerve damage: a snapshot of clinically relevant evidence for acupuncturists Miss Sarah George Oral
The Acupuncture Evidence Project: Background and overview Mr Stephen Janz Oral
What can you expect from a 6-Year Old Professor Charlie Xue – Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Oral
Effective Chinese herbal solutions for genetic hair loss Ms Angela Sun Oral
Smarter not Harder Mr Jeff Shearer Workshop
Laser biomodulating effects of light on neurodegenerative diseases Ms Tina Czech Oral
Non-invasive sub-lingual laser therapy for cardiovascular and respiratory health & practical workshop Ms Tina Czech Workshop
Diagnostic reliability in Chinese medicine Dr Michael Popplewell Oral
A better way to record a Chinese medical diagnosis; the Chinese medical diagnostic descriptor Dr Michael Popplewell Oral
Obtaining De Qi sensation with acupuncture techniques Mr Hoc Ku Huynh Oral
Interpreting blood tests according to Chinese medicine Dr Clare Pyers Oral
The Yin and Yang of integrative medicine Dr Clare Pyers Oral
Acupuncture for obstetric cholestasis: A case study Miss Olivia Janz Oral
The breath within: Breath physiology, assessing+treating breathing restrictions & Russian breathwork for self-care+patient-care Mr Peter Scarselletti Workshop
Australian complementary medicines regulations reforms Ms Lyndall Soper – Therapeutic Goods Administration Oral
Acting ethically Mr Leon Atkinson McEwen – Office of the Health Ombudsman Queensland Oral
Research progress of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of lung cancer Professor Lizhu Lin Oral
How well do we teach Chinese medicine that reflects practice? – My reflection on teaching and learning Chinese medicine Associate Professor Xiaoshu Zhu – University of Western Sydney Oral
The Acupuncture Evidence Project: What does this mean for practitioners? Dr John McDonald Oral
The Acupuncture Now Foundation: A new era of international cooperation among acupuncturists Dr John McDonald Oral
Classical Chinese medicine in community health care Ms Charity Carleton Oral
Re-awakening Qi flow through scarred meridians Mr Philip Strong Oral
The development of international TCM standards: relevance and importance for TCM in Australia Ms Judy James Oral
The use of external treatments – expanding our clinical thinking & treatment strategies Mr Greg Bantick Workshop
Healing the healer; The privilege and burden of clinical practice Mr Greg Bantick Workshop
Herbs and liver health – Improving Chinese medicine practice by integrating both traditional and contemporary knowledge Professor Hong Xu Oral
Translating that western diagnosis into a Chinese medicine pattern Mrs Waveny Holland Oral
Psychophysical responses in patients receiving a acupuncture and mock laser within context of an acupuncture clinical trial: an interoceptive perspective Associate Professor Christopher Zaslawski Oral
How to integrate acupuncture into routine management of post-operative nausea and vomiting? – a model based on implementation science Associate Professor Zhen Zheng Oral
Treatment of depression using acupuncture in a general practice setting: case studies Dr Alexander Joannou Oral
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