Zhongxian Wu

Master Zhongxian Wu was born on China’s eastern shore in the city of Wenlin in Zhejiang Province, where the sun’s rays first touch the Chinese mainland.  He began practicing Qigong, calligraphy, and Taiji at an early age. Inspired by the immediate strengthening effects of this practice, Master Wu committed himself to the life-long pursuit of the ancient arts of internal cultivation.

Master Wu is devoted to bringing the authentic teachings of Chinese ancient wisdom tradition such as Qigong, Taiji, martial arts, calligraphy, Chinese astrology, and Yijing science to his students. In addition to his classes, workshops, and seminars, he offers a long-term Qigong and Taiji training program that provides a strong foundation for the study of shamanic Qigong, internal alchemy, Taiji and Qi-healing skills, including classical Chinese energy techniques, medical Qigong, and martial arts applications.

Master Wu is the lineage holder of four different schools of Qigong and martial arts:

  • 18th generation lineage holder of the Mt. Wudang Dragon Gate style of Qigong (Wudang Longmen Pai)
  • 8th generation lineage holder of the Mt. Emei Sage/Shaman style Qigong (Emei Zhengong)
  • 7th generation lineage holder of the Dai Family Heart Method style of Xin Yi (Dai Shi Xinyi Quan)
  • 12th generation lineage holder of the Wudang He style of Taijiquan.