Danforn Lim

Professor Danforn Lim

Adjunct Professor Danforn Lim is the Chair of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. Professor Lim is a Chinese medicine practitioner (in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Divisions) and a medical practitioner practising in New South Wales. He holds adjunct professorships at both the University of Technology Sydney and Western Sydney University.

Professor Lim has been a member of the Chinese Medicine Council of NSW since the inaugural council in 2012, being reappointed for a second term in 2015, before becoming President of the Council when he was reappointed in 2018. Professor Lim is the Advisory Committee Member of the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service and has also served as an Advisory Committee Member of the NSW Health Professionals Council Authority, and Senior (Professional) Member for New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Professor Lim holds the following academic and professional qualifications: BSc(Med) MBBS, BHltSc, DCH, ClinDipPallMed, MMed, MAppSc(Acup), MAppMgt(Health), PhD, DMedSc, EDBA, FRACGP, FASLM, Chartered FIML, Chartered Manager(Aust&UK), AFCHSM, CHM, MCMI.

Professor Lim has participated in various clinical research projects through his academic affiliations and has published a wide number of journal articles as well as being a reviewer/editorial board member for more than 35 different peer-reviewed journals. He has also participated as a grant reviewer for the Medical Research Future Fund of NHMRC and National Institute for Health Research UK. Since 2015 Prof Lim has been an Expert Committee (Research) Member for the RACGP and participated in the National Research Award Selection Committee for various RACGP Foundation Awards.