11:00-18:00, Friday 27 May 2022
(7 CPD points)

Day 1 Room 1 Room 2
1100-1300 Opening Ceremony
Session A
Anna-Marie Boxall (Chief Allied Health Officer)
The Role of the CAHO and how it can help promote the value of allied health in the Australian health system
Danforn Lim (Chair of Chinese Medicine Board of Australia)
Chinese Medicine Board of Australia in 2022/23
Amber Moore
Members welcome to the AACMA Research Centre
1300-1430 Session B
Mark Gearing
Dr Huang Huang’s use of Chai Ling Tang for the treatment of Covid -19
1430-1500 Afternoon Tea
1500-1630 Session C1
Weixiang Wang
TCM Cancer supportive treatment: explore of the body constitutions approach
Session C2
David Hartmann
Acupuncture point combinations for mental and emotional turmoil Part 1
1630-1800 Session D1
Zhongxian Wu
Zhen震 ☳ /Thunder Qigong for Healing
Session D2
David Hartmann
Acupuncture point combinations for mental and emotional turmoil Part 2

9:00-17:30, Saturday 28 May 2022 (8.5 CPD points)

Day 2 Room 1 Room 2
0755-0845 Shark Bay Tour (Delegates please email after you register to book your place for this tour as there is a 120 person limit)
0900-1030 Session E
Eric Brand
Granules: Global Trends and Clinical Gems
1030-1100 Morning Tea
1100-1230 Session F1
Daniel Spigelman
The Diagrams for the Tonification and Drainage of Five Visceral Organs and Six Storehouse
Organs from the Inner Landscape of the Yellow Court Scripture” by Tang Dynasty Daoist Priestess
Hu Yin (fl.848 CE)
Session F2
Terry Hitzke
New perspectives on managing common shoulder issues
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 Session G
John McDonald
Ma Dan Yang’s 12 Heavenly Star Points: How relevant are they today in contemporary acupuncture practice?
1500-1530 Afternoon Tea
1530-1630 Session H
Jenny Cheng (Therapeutic Goods Administration)
Overview of the regulation of listed medicines
1630-1730 Session I1
Fanyi Meng
Insomnia-An alternative treatment protocol
Session I2
Alicia Ye
TCM Case Studies: Internal Medicine
1830-1900 Pre-dinner drink at Boatshed, Sea World Resort
1900-2130 Waterfront BBQ Dinner at Boatshed, Sea World Resort (smart casual)

7:30-15:00, Sunday 29 May 2022 (7.5 CPD points for AACMA members, 6.5 CPD points for non-members)

Day 3 Room 1 Room 2
0730-0845 Session J
Stephen Janz, Rodd Sanchez, Yufan Evangeline Zhou
Morning forum: Stories of setting up a practice
(breakfast in room)
0900-1030 Session K1
Claudia Citkovitz
Perinatal Support using Practitioner-Guided Acupressure
Session K2
Michael Brown
Prescribing Xiao Yao San and Xiao Chaihu Tang – an in-depth analysis and critique of two popular formulas
1030-1100 Morning Tea
1100-1230 Session L1
Kim Gatenby
Incorporating nutritional supplements for your fertility patients
Session L2
Raf Nathan
Back pain, diagnosis and treatment strategies from WM and CM perspectives
1230-1300 Closing Ceremony
1300-1400 Lunch (AGM sign up from 13:30)
1400-1500 AACMA Annual General Meeting

*Catering inclusion each day:
Friday 27 May 2022: Afternoon tea;
Saturday 28 May 2022: Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner;
Sunday 29 May 2022: Breakfast, morning tea, lunch.

*The above program is preliminary and subject to changes.

*Eric Brand, Claudia Citkovitz, Weixiang Wang, Zhongxian Wu and Fanyi Meng are speakers based outside Australia. They will be presenting online and join the Q&A via livestream. The rest of our speaker lineup will present in rooms and attend the whole conference.



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