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Go the extra mile

We are excited to host additional workshops with Mazin Al-Khafaji and Charles Buck in the AACMAC 2019 timeframe.

The optional workshops are designed for those want go the extra mile in their practice and take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from two globally acclaimed speakers who come a long way to Australia to share their expertise. … Remember these workshops will sell out fast! Don’t miss out

Post-conference Workshop – The Eight Methods for Resolving Heat

Presented by Mazin Al-Khafaji

9.00am-5.00pm, Monday to Tuesday 20-21 May 2019 (12 CPD points)

*Places are running out in post-conference workshop.

Over 30 years of clinical practice have led Mazin to evolve and develop his protocols for “the eight methods for resolving heat” in dermatological disease.

In this two day lecture, Mazin will give an in-depth and eminently clear overview of his treatment protocols to tackle inflammatory disease of the skin.

Each of these methods will be outlined and clearly differentiated in great detail along with numerous relevant case examples with before, during and after pictures demonstrating how treatment progresses. He will discuss the original and adapted formulae that were used, charting in great detail his approach that ultimately proved successful in resolving the condition.


Pre-conference Workshop – Propagated Needle Sensation 

Presented by Charles Buck 

9.00-12.00am, Friday 17 May 2019 (3 CPD points)  

*Pre-conference workshop is SOLD OUT!

In this workshop you learn the skills needed to deliberately send the de-qi sensation along the jing-luo system. Based on the classical saying Acupuncture is effective when qi reaches the affected area” the Xing qi fa (行气法) or propagating qi methods are needle techniques intended to encourage the qi sensation to areas away from the point being needled.

This is a really valuable method to have in your repertoire, it encourages a stronger flow of zheng qi to harmonise a specific area served by the channel in question. Acupuncturists who develop their ability to deliberately and reliably direct the de qi sensation to the desired place have more clinical power.

Our discussions will cover the indications for PNS, the selection of points and look at some modern research findings. Then, in the practical sessions you will have the chance to review your general needling skills and to practice the specific techniques used in the PNS method – grasping the qi sensation, angling the needle and using classical propagating methods such as green dragon wags its tail.

This workshop is taken from the  needle technique intensive course that Charles has taught across the EU for about 25 years.

Location: Pullman Melbourne on the Park, 192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne VIC 3002 Australia

Complete AACMAC 2019 Pre and Post Conference Workshop Registration Form and return to [email protected] or fax to 07 3394 2399.

REGISTRATION (by 3 May 2019)

INVESTMENTS AACMA Member AACMA Student Member (student discount included) Non-Member
17 May 2019

Three-hour Pre-conference Workshop Ticket (SOLD OUT)

$130.00 $75.00 $180.00
20-21 May 2019

Two-day Post-conference Workshop Ticket

$480.00 $280.00 $680.00
Pre & Post Conference Tickets (SOLD OUT) $530.00 $315.00 $750.00


*Above workshops are excluded in AACMAC 2019 conference registration price and optional to all delegates.
*Refreshment and lunch are included on Monday – Tuesday 20-21 May 2019 during post-conference workshops. 
*Charles and Mazin will speak on different topics for keynote presentations at AACMAC 2019.


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