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IICMC (International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference)

The IICMC inspires unity, support, collaboration, and sharing knowledge in our profession. Our vision is to teach and foster practitioners to become not just ordinary but exceptional clinicians who also run financially abundant practices that deliver the highest standard of care to all patients.

Needlepro Australia

Focusing on providing products that are safe, reliable, hygienic, quality assured and most importantly the utmost in comfort for the client/patient, NeedlePro has established partnerships with two of the most prominent manufacturers in needle technology in the world, DongBang Acupuncture Inc and Maanshan Bond Medical – large companies who offer these high quality products manufacturered in Korea and Asia respectfully.

General Exhibitors

Helio Supply

Helio has been an industry partner with the Traditional Chinese Medicine community and AACMA since the year 2000.

Our product range includes a broad range of acupuncture needles, Chinese herbal medicine, clinical supplies and associated products. We see ourselves not just as a supplier but as a partner in the future success of our customers.

China Books

CHINA BOOKS was founded in 1989. It is now the primary importer and distributor of Chinese learning books in Australia. CHINA BOOKS has been at the forefront of the rapid growth in the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture industry. With the increasingly popular medicine being used by more Australians, we have now become one of the major suppliers of Chinese Medicine textbooks, needles, herbal medicines, and supplies.

Firm-n-Fold Massage Equipment

Firm.n.Fold have been Australia’s principal provider of massage equipment for over 30 years. We’re passionate about the natural therapies industry and proud supporters of its training providers, members and associations. With stores in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and our web store with over 300 products, Firm.n.Fold is your one stop massage supply shop, providing stylish, high quality products, built with innovative and functional design which sets industry trends.

San Acupuncture

San is directed and founded by TCM practitioners and is Australian owned & operated. San sources and supplies high end boutique clinical hardware directly from the best manufacturers worldwide. San prides itself in knowing what professionals require in their day to day practice and the quality they expect.

Acuneeds Australia

Acuneeds Australia was established in 1985 and is still Australia’s leading supplier of Acupuncture needles and equipment, Chinese herbs and textbooks for the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our objective is to provide efficient distribution of our products, meet and exceed your expectations including the offer of competitive prices across our entire product range.

Guild Insurance

Since being established in 1963 by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the pharmacist’s ethic of honesty, integrity and professional excellence is what has continued to drive Guild’s success. These principles mean Guild Insurance takes the time to ask the important questions and always seeks to understand what you want, what you need, what you value.


Alison Clarke-Daly is the founder of IntoFreedom. She studied Yoga at Gita International. Alison has taught continually from 1999. 

If you are a practitioner desiring to know more of Esoteric Acupuncture, Advanced Energy Healing and Dr Mikio Sankey’s Workshops and much more. Intofreem is the place to go.

House of Moxa

Catherine Kato has been importing the finest quality moxa and related products from Japan since 2005.  What began as importing for her own practice and friends’ clinics, soon evolved into the House of Moxa – and we have been serving the Acupuncture community from around Australia and New Zealand ever since.  Being a practitioner myself and with our local Japanese knowledge and connections, we pride ourselves on providing premium products with the upmost service at competitive prices.


Since its founding in 1998, PuraPharm has dedicated itself to the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Actively collaborating with internationally renowned academics, PuraPharm has established itself as the technological front-runner within the industry. Through continuous innovation, PuraPharm has come to be regarded as a leading company in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and selling, quality control and basic science research of traditional Chinese medicine.


ThisHerb Health Pty Ltd is an Australian company, specialising in the research and development of modern Chinese Herbal Medicine. Having set up our research and development many years ago in China,  ThisHerb Health devotes itself to producing only the highest quality Chinese Herbal Medicine. All of our products have been certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), in accordance with the Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


XIANZHILOU is the top brand of Ganoderma (Reishi/Lingzhi) manufacturer over 30 years. XIANZHILOU has established its Global G.A.P. Ganoderma plantations and gained organic certification from China, Japan, USA, EU as well as KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, HACCP and ISO22000:2005 certificates. XIANZHILOU can supply Ganoderma spore,extract and granules of more than 20 varieties raw materials & finished products.

Miridia Technology

Miridia Technology Inc. was founded with the purpose of providing cutting-edge healthcare technology to the acupuncture industry. Our products reflect our commitment to the highest standards of quality, effectiveness and ease of use. Our philosophy is that the combination of modern technology and traditional healing wisdom, makes the user’s life easier, and the patient’s life better.

Blushield EMF Protection

Powered with microprocessor technology, Blushield ‘active’ EMF protection has the strength to override undesirable EMF.  Just as EMF can affect every cell at once, with adequate protection, Blushield’s coherent field  can protect every cell at once, utilising crystal photonics to generate scalar fields, to safely restore the environment.

Empirical Health

Empirical Health provide the very highest quality herbs for the wellness of people and the planet.

All Empirical Health herbs and formulas are prepared to exacting standards using AAA Grade Herbs as well as Australian Certified Organic (ACO) ingredients to ensure patients receive only the best possible care.



Sponsor of International Keynote Speaker: 

Beijing Tong Ren Tang Australia

With a glory history of over 350 years in Chinese medicine, we committed to provide reliable TCM services and authentic Chinese medicinal products to all TCM sectors including registered Chinese professionals.

For TCM practitioner’s and acupuncturist’s prescription, welcome to use the independent GMP dispensary at www.theherbbooth.com.au

Official website: https://BTRT.com.au


Australian Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Reproductive Board

ACARB has been created to help recognise the expertise and knowledge of practitioners in Australia who work in the field of reproductive medicine. A membership with ACARB gives a way for you to promote to the public that you have the extra training required to treat patients with fertility challenges, and to support them through their pregnancy, birth and post-partum periods.



Sponsor of Cocktail Party and Saturday Night Function: 

San Acupuncture

San is directed and founded by TCM practitioners and is Australian owned & operated. San sources and supplies high end boutique clinical hardware directly from the best manufacturers worldwide. San prides itself in knowing what professionals require in their day to day practice and the quality they expect.




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