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The Treatment of Bacterial Infections of the Skin with Chinese Herbal Medicine Mazin Al-Khafaji (UK) – Keynote Speech Lecture
Truth Decay – How Much of Our Ancient Wisdom Still Makes Sense Today Charles Buck (UK) – Keynote Speech Lecture
Chinese Medicine History in Herb Formulas Charles Buck (UK) Lecture
Dose Is The Secret That Cannot Be Taught Charles Buck (UK) Lecture
Medical Qigong Workshop Bill Pearson (AU) Workshop
Wang Ju-Yi style Applied Channel Palpation Daniel Spigelman (AU) Workshop
Root and Branch: Modern approaches to an age-old problem Adrian Larsen (US) Workshop
The San Jiao Organ has finally been discovered. Science calls it the Interstitium Louis Gordon (AU) Lecture
Chinese Clock in Qigong & Acupuncture Gregory Williams (AU) Workshop
Classical Acupuncture: the practical application of the Mingtang Jing 明堂經 Michael Brown (AU) Lecture
Chinese Medicine: a source based approach Michael Brown (AU) Lecture
Integrating acupuncture into surgical care:  a framework driven by implementation science Zhen Zheng (AU) Lecture
Psoriasis: Management is more than just a treatment Irene Prantalos (AU) Workshop
Japanese Moxibustion Techniques Ronnie Stein (AU) Workshop
Selection and application of different methods in point intervention therapy Serg Mezhov (AU) Lecture
Benchmarking your TCM diagnosis Michael Popplewell (AU) Workshop
The Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnostic Descriptor; what It Could Mean for Your Clinical Practice Michael Popplewell (AU) Lecture
Professional Indemnity Insurance and Risk Management Hints and Tips Leigh Harper (Guild Insurance, AU) Lecture
Chinese philosophy, the bond between the theories of Chinese medicine and Qigong Edith Guba (Germany) Workshop
Useful distal treatments for neck, back and sciatic pain Joseph Azuolas (AU) Lecture
Astonishing benefits of Vegetarian/Vegan diet for humans, especially for Healthcare Practitioners Jong Choon Lew (AU) Lecture
Topic on stress and fertility Jane Lyttleton (AU) Lecture
TBA Dr Cheryl McRae (Head of the Complementary and Over the Counter Medicines, Therapeutic Goods Administration) Lecture
TBA Board Member(s) from Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Lecture
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