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The official conference program will be available on 20 April 2018.  A hard copy of conference program will be incorporated together with the Books of Abstracts and provided to delegates on site.


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The Nine Essential Needling Techniques Dr Andrew Nugent-Head Workshop
Revolutionizing the study of herbs: leaving the action & indication focused paradigm Dr JulieAnn Nugent-Head Oral
Update on reforms to the regulatory framework for Complementary medicines Dr Cheryl McRae (Complementary & OTC Medicines Branch, Therapeutic Goods Administration) Oral
Something that I learnt about Chinese medicine from translating the Nu Dan Ji Yao Mr Warwick Poon Oral
Sex, anxiety & video games – working with youth in the here and now Dr Emma Iwinska Oral
What Is Your Fundamental Practice — Chinese Medicine or Yi? Dr Rhonda Chang Oral
Chinese traditional philosophies underpinning its dietary beliefs and practices Ms Christiana Chau-Yang Oral
How to approach the weight loss with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture metabolism method Mr Si Ning Luo Oral
Acupuncture Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury Mr David Tai Workshop
Using the Qí Jīng Bā Mài to treat the Heart Shén, Qī Qíng and Wǔ Shén Mr David Hartmann Workshop
Acupuncture Point Combinations – The master-key to great clinical results Mr David Hartmann Workshop
Fire-Spirit School and Yin Fire Dr Chan Kok Kiong Oral
Clinical Study on Er Di Tian Ma Ban Xia Decoction for Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus-Hypertension due to Yin Deficiency Yang Hyperactivity with Phlegm Symptom Dr Ho Chieu Guat Oral
Community Acupuncture – benefits and limits Mr Rafael Nathan Oral
Introduction to Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing Dr Steven Booth Workshop
Molecular properties of active compounds in Ding Chuan Tang Ms Alison Clyne Oral
Effective new techniques for using the modern silicone cups during musculoskeletal treatment Mr Terrence Hitzke Workshop
Why some of our musculoskeletal clients don’t get better Mr Terrence Hitzke Oral
The Vital Role of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Healthcare and Anti-Ageing Medicine Ms Tina Czech Workshop
Accreditation standard guideline initiative for TQ instructors Dr Byeongsang Oh Oral
Effect of acupuncture needle retention duration on clinical outcomes Dr Byeongsang Oh Oral
Dynamic Treatment of Autism By Acupuncture With the Integration of Early Childhood Intervention Dr Linda Yang Oral
Expectancy after the first treatment and response to acupuncture for menopausal hot flushes Dr Carolyn Ee Oral
Holistic success – 5 elements of practice Mr Jeff Shearer Workshop
The Acupuncture Evidence Project: How Practitioners Can Use Research Evidence Dr John McDonald Oral
2017: A Great Leap Forward for Acupuncturists Dr John McDonald Oral
Acupuncture a Quantum Medical Intervention Dr Jerzy Dyczynski Oral
Failed implantation post mastitis infection Ms Sally Charles Oral
Pi Pa Qing Fei Yin for acne vulgaris: a systematic review Ms Suzi Mansu Oral
Neijing Time – A Classical Organ Clock Mr Tyler Rowe Oral
Directional Medicine in the Huangdi Neijing: Clinical Strategies Mr David White Oral
The acupuncture evidence project: Its influence to date and what’s next Mr Stephen Janz Oral
Cost effectiveness evidence and its clinical application Mr Stephen Janz Oral
Awaken the Sage within (Yang Sheng in our society) Mr Martine Negro Oral
Interprofessional communication: a stepping stone in the integration of Complementary Medicine and Biomedicine Ms Amy Forth Workshop
Designing a diet to nourish the Blood for your ‘pesce’ vegan and vegetarian patients Ms Sarah George Oral
Acupuncture for Dummies Mr Clive Powell Oral
Japanese Mostbustion Techniques Mr Ronnie Stein Workshop
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture on Osteoarthritis Knee Pain: A Randomised, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Clinical Research Trial Dr Meikin Rees Oral
The Lung Channel: Points, Physiology and Pathophysiology Mr Michael Brown Oral
Chinese Medicine: a source based approach Mr Michael Brown Oral
Treatment of retinal tear and macular degeneration using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine Mr Paul Nebauer Oral
Unleashing the Healing Potential of your Breath Mr Peter Scarselletti Workshop
Extrapolations on Chapter 51:背 俞 Back-Transport [Points/Openings] of the Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu Mr Peter Scarselletti Workshop
The Culture of Japanese Moxa Mr Masahiro Kobayashi Workshop
Chinese medicine self-care – a systematic literature review Ms Alaia Harvie Oral
Considerations for big data research projects investigating Chinese medical treatment effectiveness: strengths and weaknesses Dr Michael Popplewell Oral
Emotions: Internal Devils or Essential Allies? Mr David Brown Oral
Clinical Reasoning in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Ms Binbin Zhang Oral
Treating children with Chinese Herbal Medicine and Guasha Mrs Angie Harding Oral
The role & function Health Care Complaints Commission plays to safe guide NSW public within the health arena Mr Tony Kofkin Oral
The effectiveness of acupuncture on endometriosis: results of a feasibility study Dr Mike Armour Oral
The Chinese Medicine Council of NSW: who are we and what do we do? Professor Christopher Zaslawski Oral
China-Australia International Research Centre for Chinese Medicine, RMIT University and Guangdong Provincial Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Associate Professor Tony Zhang Oral
Ancient Qi Gong theory for modern energetic medicine,” Wu Xing (Five Element) Qi Gong Workshop Dr Davey Pinder Workshop
The pursuit of happiness: Wei Syndrome – acupuncture and treatment of chronic conditions and the associated emotions Ms Rose Pinder Oral
TCM treatment and lifestyle management for stress & depression Mr Hoc Ku Huynh Oral
TCM Support Treatment for Cancer Dr Yifan Yang Oral
Inflammation: the root of all evils? Ms Waveny Holland Oral
Moving into the third-term: are things getting easier? Professor Charlie Xue Oral
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